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Monday evening

I arrive home at 2145 having been on the go trying to meet people, answer people and pray with people since 0930 this morning. Today has been far, far too long and so very much remains undone.

However, I did hear +Idris tonight speak brilliantly on the Anglican Communion. It was a Regional Council worth attending. We are so lucky to have the access that we have to our bishops.

+Idris closed his talk on the Anglican Communion with the question, “Is this Anglican Communion worth fighting for?”

I had to admit that I’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t worth fighting for. Anglicanism as a brand, already problematic in Scotland because of its association with England is starting to represent something quite hideous in the popular mind, and I think I’d rather have something quite new.


The question is not whether it is appropriate for McDonalds to offer A Level qualifications.

The question is whether or not anyone has yet asked McDonalds to validate the training of ordinands.