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Relation of College of Bishops to the General Synod

Someone asked me recently what the relationship was between the College of Bishops and the General Synod.

It is a good question. Fortunately, the code of canons is quite specific about this.

Canon 52 Section 20 is helpfully clear:

The Primus may at any time, when requested to do so by the College of Bishops, take councel with the General Synod on any matter; and thereafter the College of Bishops may make, if they see fit, a pronouncement on such a mtter, or if the College of Bishops so decide, they may submit a proposed pronouncement by them for approval, amendment, or other action by the General Synod.

I like the fact that we have such a collaborative process written into the Canons, which are our effective constitution.

That’s a really good way of trying to square the circle between episcopal leadership and synodical governance, isn’t it?

Latest official response from the Scotland to the Covenant proposal

The Faith and Order Board of the Scottish Episcopal Church has published a response to the St Andrews Draft of the proposed Anglican Covenant.

You can read it all here.