Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Still reeling a bit from Holy Week and Easter, which were fantastic.

Holy Week makes muscles hurt which never hurt in the same way at any other time of the year.

There is nothing finer in the world than singing the Easter Exsultet and the gospel alleluias within a congregation that has journied to the cross and which proclaims the resurrection.

Responses to reviews

I’ve been writing reviews in the Scottish Episcopalian for a couple of months. Indeed, some of them are available o­n this site – just click o­n the word “reviews” o­n the left. I’m now starting to get responses from people to the things I write – several people have been in touch to say that they have bought things that I have reviewed, which shocked me at first. I thought that I was just writing to fill space, I had no idea that people would take them seriously.

The funniest response was o­n Saturday last week.

I wrote a review of a music book which contained a particular piece of Easter music, the Exsultet and said that ever since I had been ordained, someone had rung me up at Easter wanting to know where they could find the music. The point was, that this new book was the answer to the question.

Sure enough, o­n Saturday, the telephone rang….”er, hello Kelvin, I’ve just been reading your review in the Piscy, and I have a wee problem with the Easter Vigil, you couldn’t e-mail a copy of the Exsultet could you?”