For the Bible Tells Me So

Last night the LGBT group at St Mary’s had an open evening and a film show.

When +Gene Robinson was here 18 months ago, he pressed several copies of a DVD into my hand before he leftt. It was the film For The Bible Tells Me So [DVD] [2007] which he had been giving away to those who had been invited to the Lambeth Conference. Its a very well made film about the ways in which churches deal with with scripture have an impact on families with gay members. One of those families is the Robinsons (ie featuring Gene’s parents) but there are four or five other families featured too.

Its a good watch, and I’ve a couple of copies in the office. If anyone in the congregation wants to borrow one of them, do let me know.

Gene Robinson Sermon – Audio Version for Dial up

Whilst I've been uploading things, I thought I would put another version of +Gene's sermon online. Again, this is an audio only version for those with dial-up and not broadband.

If you've missed it the first time around, then here it is.

I've also added this to the Audio podcast that you can find through iTunes and elsewhere.