Winning the War

Seems like we’ve just lost a battle, but we’re winning the war.

So sad to see the Archbishop of York standing up in the House of Lords to fight for the church’s right to discriminate against those who work for it. Extraordinary to see the Bishop of Winchester say that he “should be very surprised indeed if the noble Lord [Ali] had any evidence of any clergy being put at any kind of risk at all simply on the grounds of their orientation, in the sense that the churches use the word, as opposed to their conduct in matters sexual…” (Hansard 25 Jan 2010 : Column 1198).

Its hard to understand that, isn’t it? The obvious public example is Jeffrey John, and that was pointed out to him, but you don’t have to go far in the church to find gay people who believe that they are discriminated against on the ground of their sexual orientation.

What was the Bishop of Winchester up to in making that claim? Did he believe what he was saying at the time? Because we are people of goodwill and generosity, we have to believe that he did. So what was in his head?