Oh Lord, Kum by yah

I’ve spoken before about my frustration over a day which is planned this coming Saturday in Stirling for the Scottish Episcopal Church to do some listening in the arena of human sexuality. I got rather bad tempered about it at one stage – more so than felt good.

I hope that one of the things that has been learned from the business of promoting this day is that you cannot focus a day around the experience of certain people without approaching them and involving them right from the word go in the process. To exclude people from planning a process which is essentially about their own sense of inclusion or exclusion is asking for trouble.

Anyway, over the course of time, the agenda for this particular day has changed very significantly. I’m glad that it has and am looking forward to being present on the day and taking part. It has not felt a comfortable journey to reach this point, but I’m glad to have reached it and glad that I feel that I can join in.

Someone’s listening Lord. Kum by yah.

College of Bishops Says Sorry

In a letter to lesbian and gay people in the church, the College of Bishops has said:

…it has not been possible to hear adequately your voices, and we apologize for any sense of rejection that has occurred because of this reality. This letter is a sign of our commitment to listen to you and reflect with you theologically and spiritually on your lives and ministries. It is our deep concern that you not feel abandoned by your Church and that you know of our continued respect and support.

We pledge that we will continue to reflect, pray, and work for your full inclusion in the life of the Church….You, our sisters and brothers in Christ, deserve a more thorough hearing than you received over the past three weeks. We will work to make that so.

Now, these are some of the most heartening words that I’ve heard upon the subject of how the church should begin to change in its thinking about lesbian and gay people. It is encouraging to see all the signatures of the members of the College of Bishops.

However, the date on the letter is 1998 – these are the words that they signed up to after the last Lambeth Conference. It is the apology that they issued the last time around.

These words now ring rather hollow to me.