Health Update

Thank you to those who have been enquiring about my health. Here’s the current bulletin.

I saw my doctor yesterday and we agreed that although I’m improved, I’m not recovered from the flu yet. I am ever more convinced that real flu (Not “man flu”, not “a bit fluey”, not “I had the flu yesterday” but the real enchilada) can’t be messed with. The doc has assured me that it can take more than a week to get back to normal and has instructed me to take a further few days off or risk being properly ill again. So, he has signed me off work up until this weekend. I expect to be back to work on Monday and hope to be firing on all cylinders then.

I’m also told that checking e-mail, writing blogs and watching twitter does not quite count as complete rest and time off. Consequently, I’ll be taking a few days of internet silence. It doesn’t mean that I’m worse. It means I’m getting better.

Thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes. I’ll be back very soon.

(Comments are turned off until I return).