Daily Prayer

Here are the materials that I’ve formatted for using Daily Prayer. This is the way we do it in St Mary’s.

In order to know which set of prayers are for which time of year, you need to use a Kalendar.
You can download a Kalendar for 2024 here: http://thurible.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Kalendar-2023-Version-4.pdf

The major difference between these books and the book published by the Scttosh Episcopal Church is that the material is set out in the order you say it and there is no need to announce page turns during the prayers.

Morning Prayer

Anticipation – Morning Prayer for Advent
Incarnation – Morning Prayer for Christmas and Epiphany
Festivals – Morning Prayer for Feast Days
Week A – Ordinary time

Week B – Ordinary Time

Week C – Ordinary Time

Week B – Ordinary Time

Week C Set 1 v2

Week D – Ordinary Time

Returning to God

The Suffering Christ – Passiontide
The Suffering Christ – Holy Week

New Life – The Lord

New Life – The Spirit

Commendation – see the New Life – The Lord book

Season of Creation – Week 1

Season of Creation – Week 2

Season of Creation – Week 3

Season of Creation – Week 4

Evening Prayer

Anticipation (First three Weeks of Advent)
Anticipation (17-23 December)

Incarnation – Christmas and Epiphany

Evening Prayer – Festivals

Evening Prayer – Week A

Evening Prayer – Week B

Evening Prayer – Week C

Evening Prayer – Week D

Returning to God – first part of Lent
The Suffering Christ – Passiontide
The Suffering Christ Whole Week Holy Week Evening Prayer
New Life, The Lord – Evening Prayer – Whole Week
New Life the Spirit – Evening Prayer – Whole Week

Compline (Night Prayer)

Compline for Ordinay Time

Compline in Lent

Compline in Eastertide