It’s Time and It’s Today!

Huge excitement today as the Equal Marriage bill comes to the Scottish Parliament for a final vote.

I’ve been involved in this campaign pretty much from the beginning, speaking at Pride, marching, organising, listening, distributing materials, writing, cajoling, chatting on TV and Radio, preaching and generally getting people to think about it.

A hugely proud day for Scotland and a campaign and a movement that I’ll never forget.

One of the things that a lot of people won’t know is that many of the original signatures on the petition that kicked all this off came from students on campus at the University of Glasgow and many of them were gathered by members of the LGBT group at St Mary’s.

Well, the campaign is just about over. It’s time and it’s today!

This is a church for everybody

Yesterday I reposted the It’s Time video from the equality network which features a 1 second cameo of me waving a sign. They filmed that over a year ago and as they collected those sign-waving people – religious leaders, celebs, couples, politicians etc they also asked them in front of the camera why they were involved in the campaign.

They were aiming for just a couple of minutes so I had to think carefully about what to say.

Here are the main points

  • This isn’t a gay church its a church for everybody and that’s why people like coming here.
  • Churches have an ethical responsiblity to promote equality.
  • What needs to be heard is the message of respect and love and inclusion and I know hundreds of Christians who are putting that message out.
  • Church is a place where the message is that you are utterly loved.
  • Churches are changing these days and thank God they are.

Take a look:

I’llĀ  be posting just one more video from the campaign tomorrow, just ahead of the vote in parliament. If you want to join in and let Members of the Scottish Parliament know you want change, it just takes 2 minutes (the same length of time as this video) and you can find out how to do that here: