Tales of the City #8

The scene is Glasgow Pride. The protagonists are making their way down Argyll Street in Finnieston. I am dressed in a black suit, clerical collar and small lapel ribbon in all the colours of the rainbow. The group I am with all carry colourful posters proclaiming “The Scottish Episcopal Church Welcomes You”. Mine is mauve. 

A young man sidles up to walk beside me.

Young Man: Hi!

Self: Hello! Where are you from?

Young Man: Well, Australia, actually. 

The Young Man pauses.

Young Man: I just, er, I just wanted to ask you something.

Self: Oh, OK, ask away.

Young Man: Well, are you real?

Self: Oh yes, I’m very real.

The Young Man gestures with his head towards the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who, beautifully bedecked in Catherine Laboré style wimples and rainbow habits of various styles are waving a large rainbow flag in front of us.

Young Man: Yes, but the nuns?

The Young Man pauses.

Young Man: They are not real. Right?

Self: Right.