Yes and No to AV

It is a curious thing to discover that I live in a tiny enclave which has voted Yes to the Alternative Vote whilst there has been an almost universal rejection of it elsewhere. I didn’t think it would pass and it did indeed turn out to be the compromise that no-one wanted. A year ago, we got a Westminster election which produced a result that was indicisive. The result was not something that translated into much of a mandate for anyone.

This year it is very different. Decisions have been made by the electorate which have a stunning clarity. As a long day of listening to results come in draws to a close, my thoughts are with all those who stood, those who work with them and those now who have been elected and have responsibility for taking decisions on behalf of others at a time when decisions are going to be least easy to take. And I’m thankful as the night comes that though decisions have been made which I did not back and do not favour, the streets are peaceful and the land is at much at peace as it was yesterday.

And working in an international congregation where some come from places where that has not always been so on election night, that is something never to be taken for granted.

For the elected, good will
For those not elected, good wishes
For peace on the streets, gratitude. Amen.