Wednesday Evening’s Gathering

A big thank you to all those who contributed to the World AIDS Day gathering at St Mary’s last night. Total turn-out was 70 or 80 folk which, given the weather, was amazing. A number of different agencies were involved in planning the service.

They included:

Not all of those managed to get there in force last night, but most organisations that I expected to be represented were there in one form or another. Sheboom, the drumming ensemble, called off early in the day, but Glasgow Gospel Choir (or at least a subset of it) did make it and came up trumps. Though there were not many of them, they filled the place with fantastic singing and their set at the end of the gathering was hopeful and inspiring to behold.

One of the things I like about events like the one we had last night is hearing people talk about being surprised they are to feel welcome in church. That’s the business we’re in, I think.

The very business.

World AIDS Day

Glasgow’s AIDS Day service takes place on Saturday in St Mary’s at 7 pm.

AIDS Day Flyer