Sunday Evening

I baptised a child today. As usual, the child was as good as gold and I ended up with a wet elbow. People cluck in an approving manner when I manage to hold babies and they don’t cry. The only sure rule that I have learned us not to turn them upside down. They don’t like it any more than I would do. I also celebrated a very quiet and enjoyable Eucharist for two people who turned up at the chaplaincy this evening for the OU service. It is hard for the OU students to fit the whole of the student experience into one week.


  1. Found this – your first Blog Entry.

    When you were reflecting on this entry had you any idea where you would be and who you would have invited to preach on the occaision of you Blog’s Fifth Birthday.

  2. I had already realised that +Gene’s visit coincided with the Blog Anniversary.

    I did not know where I would be or what I would be doing, but I did know then how big the blogging thing was going to be. In the face of people who said, “But Why? Why are you doing this? No-one will be interested”, I shrugged and said. “Well, do you read it?”

    And it seems that they do.

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