Sunday Morning 0730

The computer that I use for generating music for Sunday services sometimes, is breaking down. We cannot complain as it cost just ?10 last year. I am going to appeal to the congregation for an old computer to replace it. I could have a broken computer mountain on my hands before the end of the day. This reminds me of my favourite exchange ever in a Vestry meeting: “So, how many hoovers do we have then…?” Answer: “Five, Rector, and none of them work.”

It is only a matter of time before there is a disaster with the computer organ. It is kept going by prayer and bravado. Last week, my carelessness ensured that the communion hymn was played twice – this did not matter, as it was just pleasant music whilst the servers were tidying up. I fear pressing the button and getting the Gloria when I want the Sanctus. Human organists can make the same mistakes. They would be more easily forgiven than a computer. [There may be something profound in that, but at this time of day, I cannot work it out].

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