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The greatest achievement of this summer has been to finish Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. I've taken this book o­n holiday for the last four or five years and never got very far with it. The problem was the first few pages. I would read them and then stop in wonderment at the writing, put the book down and ponder for a while. Then I would read them again and so the cycle would go o­n. Now I've finished the book, but I find myself wanting to read those first few pages again.

I also enjoyed reading White Teeth by Zadie Smith. Very funny indeed. What a mono-culture I am living in now. When I lived in the East End of London, I rather enjoyed the multicultural mix – very funny sometimes. Someone was o­n the radio the other day citing this book as “the o­nly funny book written by a woman”. This seem remarkably bigotted, but when I think about it, I struggle to think of books by female writers which have made me laugh out loud like this o­ne did.

I'm currently reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy as well as a couple of books for review in the Episcopalian newpaper, none of which are very exciting.


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Reading List
    Never really related to Midnight's Children but agree about White Teeth.

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Reading List
    Thanks for leaving your comments Helen. I've just realised that as well as The God of Small Things, I need to get o­n and re-read From the Holy Mountain pretty quickly as we are discussing it at the church book-club very soon. It is such a good read, both sad and funny.

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