Learning to Blog

I read o­n someone else's weblog the other day that they thought that keeping o­ne was like having a dog – worth it, but a lot of work. I guess that is true. The number of page views is increasing as each day goes by and I have hardly told anyone about this yet, which is quite satisfying. I found myself wondering yesterday whether I should establish a different blog page containing thoughts o­n politics and keep this o­ne for church and daily life things. I already own the domain name www.kelvin-holdsworth.co.uk and it appeared o­n all the political leaflets that got distributed during the campaign in May. (Was it 16000 leaflets or 18000 leaflets, I cannot remember). There will be a new leaflet coming out in the next couple of weeks and so I had better make my mind up whether I am going to do something with the other domain name. I was thinking of making it a weekly updated blog. Keeping two blogs running o­n a daily basis would be madness.
In the future, I expect that group blogging will become much more important than individuals doing it. Most people still think that the internet is all about computers and publishing – I've always thought that it was all about community.
Most people still don't seem to be aware of the weblog phenomena anyway, at least, not the o­nes that I am speaking to o­n a daily basis.
I'll also be helping with the delivery of a load of leaflets from the Bridge of Allan Broadband campaign which I supported and which has now been successful.

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