Preaching Angst

I was rather depressed last week looking through some old sermons. They were the o­nes that I preached when I was a curate in Perth. I was looking for a sermon illustration that I remembered from about 4 years ago. I was depressed because the sermons seemed to me to be quite good – I was thinking that I would feel that my preaching had improved, but I am not sure that it has. Mind you, in those days, I was not preaching every week, which I am doing now. Usually I had about a month to think about each o­ne, which does make rather a difference. Sermons have got shorter too, as I have realised that I don't need to fit everything in during o­ne service. I like preaching – it is o­ne of the things that I really enjoy doing about my work though preparing does include a lot of angst. The Lectionary is not very helpful at the moment – every gospel reading o­n Sunday morning is about bread. How many times in a couple of months can you come up with something fresh about the same thing?

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