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I'm impressed with the o­n-line petition that has been set up o­n, in response to the events in the Church of England this summer. I've signed it and would recommend that anyone who wants an open and inclusive church does so. The fundamentalist parts of the church seem to want to dictate who is and who is not welcome in the household of faith. I say that everyone is welcome. If they are not stopped, they will be trying to get women to wear hats again before we know it. It is vital that lay people take their part in speaking out for the kind of church they want to worship in.
I personally know three priests who have left or are about to leave the ministry because they were either persecuted in their parishes for being gay (by senior clergy, not lay people) or are just despairing of the future in a church where the crazies are wielding their financial clout to foist their own narrow interpretation of the faith o­n the rest of us. The human cost of this row depresses me daily.
The petition is based in England – they seem to be welcoming submissions from other parts of the UK and further afield, but it seems to me that members of the Scottish Episcopal Church who want to worship in an inclusive church will need to get organised soon. Our bishops need us to support them in this, especially the Primus, when he goes to the October meeting of Primates to discuss the crisis.


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    You are right Kelvin. The human cost of this is terrible.
    You are also right in suggesting that it is not just a gay issue. If the fundies get their way, I won't be able to eat whelks (…only kidding, I hope).
    Believe me, things are worse down in this diocese than they can possibly be in Scotland. I've signed the petition and I'm trying to get others to sign it too. (I have heard that there is a “contrary” petition o­n the go as well, but have not tried to find it).

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    It is encouraging to witness the growing number of voices expressing their disquiet over recent events within the Anglican church, particularly from those serving as clergy in that church and other churches throughout the UK.
    Given the nature of inclusiveness within our society at large, it seems incredible that our churches are so entrenched in times past. It is surely little wonder that church membership is in rapid decline. I will certainly add my name to the petition, and would like to thank Kelvin for introducing me to this network of thought-exchange.

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    Thanks for the posting, Daisy. Pass o­n the web-address for this blog and the petition

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    What are you talking about Simon?

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