Blood and Custard

I never intended the colour scheme of this site to last as long. I just changed a very basic template from lime green and purple to the current blood and custard. It took me rather longer than I expected and the theme is far from finished. I may stay with the colours however, or at least something like them. When I last got a signwriter to the church I spent a long time talking about which colours are the most legible. Surprisingly, gold o­n black is relatively difficult for a lot of people to read and so although common, this was not the best choice to use for the exterior noticeboards. Cream o­n burgundy (aka blood and custard) was deemed to provide good visibility. Cream o­n dark green would have been good too.
I got a complaint just after the church noticeboards went up in their new colours “…but Rector, they are so bright, you can read them from right over the road…”


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Blood and Custard
    Nothing wrong with custard as long as it doesn't splat you in the eye!

    Not sure about the blood though.  Why not call it cranberry instead.  Tastes better!

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Blood and Custard
    Cranberry and Custard sounds like a new soup. I think that “Blood and Custard” was what the livery of post-war British Rail trains was referred to. I'm not old enough to remember that, but others who read this might well remember it. (And there is at least o­ne train enthusiast who reads this, but who has yet to register and leave a comment).

    Blood and custard also describes my week rather well.

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