Broadband for Bridge of Allan

I've nearly finished getting the distribution of leaflets about broadband in Bridge of Allan out. They are going out with my “Focus o­n Bridge of Allan” Lib Dem leaflet. The organisers of the Bridge of Allan broadband campaign have set up an innovative scheme whereby the local primary school benefits if people sign up with a particular ISP.

People still read leaflets that have been pushed through their doors. They complain about the number that come in, but I do know that they do read them and the feedback rate can be quite high. I o­nce had over fifty responses to o­ne leaflet in Bridge of Allan.  There is much to be learned about web-based campaigning, but that comes o­n top of local people making a physical contact. At the moment, politically the web is the icing o­n the cake, though I guess it will change campaigning just as it has changed everything else. Interactive web based pressure groups and single issue campaigns are very “now” though. I've learned a lot about how to do that even in the last couple of weeks.

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