At some time over the next week, I am planning o­n removing the need to login to this website. When I have finished making the modifications, people should be able to leave comments without logging in. This seems to be the way that most blogs are configured. People don't like registering and logging in.

I've recently completed another website for a group of churches o­n the west coast (where I am often o­n holiday) and have recommended that they don't ask people to login. The web skills of many people seem barely up to surfing pages, without asking them to fill forms in and remember a password. A lot of people seem not to have learned the skill of changing their own password either – sticking with something unsuitable, unchanging and therefore insecure for years. I guess that I have been doing this for nearly twenty years, and I probably had login problems when I first had to do it.

The site that I have put together for the west coast churches is www.islandchurches.org.uk – comments o­n the design would be welcome. I'm also the webdeacon for www.changingattitudescotland.org.uk, which is still very new. The Saint Saviour's site www.saint-saviour.org is going to be updated when the new theme engine of postnuke is released, which is supposed to be released very soon.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Logging In
    I’m glad you are removing the need to log in – it is very tedious. – Simon

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