Information vs Communication

I was at a meeting in the Bishop's office yesterday to talk about the media strategy for the church. I was delighted to hear someone say that when they are fed up, they read my blog. Glad you are enjoying it Cliff – doesn't your parrot need its own blog page.

We did not really get that far with our discussion when it came to the internet. So many people think that by putting things o­n websites that we are communicating with people. I draw a sharp distinction between information and communications. The net is ultimately about community, as is the church. The church is quite good at publishing information, but our lines of communication are very poor and we seem to have an allergy to finding solutions. So many ways of using the internet to bring people together are just not being used creatively.

It is interesting that some churches and religious groups have instinctively seen this. The Copts and some of the smaller orthodox churches are way ahead of Anglicans.

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