Harvest Supper last night

It was good to hear someone say last night at the harvest supper saying how much they are enjoying being part of a church which is growing. It is – church is much more fun when new people are being incorporated into the congregation all the time. I also heard someone say that the Sunday morning service has changed a lot since I came to Bridge of Allan three years ago. About half the congregation seems to have changed, which is not insignificant.

The harvest supper was fun – I always enjoy being out with the church folk when everyone is happy and having a good time. The table I was o­n won the quiz, but I was far from sure whether it was because we had more of the right answers or just a more creative way of adding up the results at the end.

Today is a big day – decorating the church for harvest, the Changing Attitude event and preparing for tomorrow's services will keep me out of mischief for the day.

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