The Tory Party at Prayer

Whilst flicking channels on the television yesterday I happened upon the beginning of the Tory party conference in Blackpool. They began with something which I found rather disturbing – a religious (nay, Christian) service led by a vested Anglican priest. Now, I know that there are Anglican priests who are Tories, as we even have one as a bishop in the SEC, but something about this image jarred. There also appeared to be a nun involved. Tory priests I fear I must accept, but Tory nuns? What is the country coming to?

Here is a confession – I once conducted a religious service for a party conference for a political party which I have never been a member of. However, that did not take place in the main hall with quite so many people present. It was fringe, not mainstream. (It was also the Scottish Labour Party, but don’t tell them that a Lib Dem led their prayers).

Perhaps I prefer my religion to be fringe rather than mainstream – I will have to think about that.

The thing that I most objected to was a prayer which went something like this:
“Help us O Lord to remember that a fair deal for all begins with a fair deal for ourselves.”

I think not, actually.

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