Bishop Michael

I heard this morning that Bishop Michael Henley has announced his retirement date. [Well actually I heard it from a member of Glasgow diocese yesterday afternoon – I am pretending to myself that I heard the news today]. He will retire in July next year.

Bishop Michael will have completed more than 10 years as a bishop. People get so angry with Bishops, it must be horrible sometimes to have so many people so cross with you, all at once.

Now, of course, there will be some jostling for position within the diocese. As the Episcopal Church elects bishops, people locally will have rather a lot to say to one another about it, even though it will be over a year before we actually get our new Bishop consecrated.

I can think of a number of people who might be thinking tonight that they want to be the next Bishop of St Andrews, Dunblane and Dunkeld. Hope is a terrible emotion. I don’t envy any of them.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Bishop Michael
    What a load of mince!   Hope is o­ne of the greatest emotions there is.  It is what drives people and keeps them going through the most difficult of times.
    That doesn't mean that it is an easy emotion to live with but I think the world would be a much sadder place without it.
    Not sure the bish would agree with all your comments this time!

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