Postcard Puzzle

Someone put a postcard through my door last night whilst I was out taking a Vestry meeting. It has me puzzled. It is a nice picture of a stained glass window in Dunfermline Abbey. The back of the card is completely blank. It was in a brown office envelope which was sealed and bears my name “Kelvin” o­n the front, in blue felt tip pen.

I've no idea why it should have been left for me, nor who left it. The cat has been questioned repeatedly, but she is not telling. 

I've never been to Dunfermline Abbey. Looks as though someone else has though. It is the St Margaret Window, in St Margaret's Abbey. Her feast day is coming up soon,  but I still cannot imagine who would send me this without any indication why they were doing so.

I encounter so many odd things about the way people are in life, that o­ne more small strangeness makes little difference.

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