None of their own

Last night I was elected as the new convenor of the Liberal Democrats in Stirling, taking over from someone who has done the job with some passion o­n and off for almost thirty years. Right now, the local Lib Dems are getting very excited about the new voting arrangements for the next local elections (which have not got through the Scottish Parliament yet). It could mean a real change in political fortunes in local Government in Scotland. Expect a lot more Labour-Lib Dem coalitions o­n local councils. There is o­ne coucil not far from here where the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems are in an alliance (against the SNP) which cannot be called a coalition because Labour officially does not go into coalition with theTories.

I asked o­ne of the Lib Dem councillors there recently what it was like to work with the Tories and he said it was great, because it was so easy to get them to espouse Liberal ideas because they had none of their own.

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