Carols for Choirs

I committed my annual musical sin last night by being rude about the music book Carols for Choirs in front of the St Saviour's Choir. I know that they don't understand this heresy.

Carols for Choirs is part of the King's College, Cambridge Christmas hegemony. Choirs think that it is not Christmas unless they make an attempt to sound like rich, small boys who have practised daily all year. No wonder the results can be so disappointing. The whole Christmas Eve Carols from Kings experience is way past its sell-by date. The antithesis of good liturgy. Something which was of its time and which now has to be marketed as “heritage”. The bible readings make a theological construction of sin and damnation which may be performed in better taste than a ranting highland minister, but which is no less deadly and dangerous if believed.

Rise up choristers and unite – you have nothing to lose but your descants!

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