Silver Jubilee

As is common, I received a mailing from a charity this morning asking for me to get the congregation to send money. This is not unusual – I bin many such mailings every week. This o­ne had taken the trouble to include a stamped addressed envelope, which is thoughtful though it will make me no more likely to contribute. What struck me as odd was that the stamped addressed envelope bore stamps to the value of twenty two and a half pence. This was made up with a Silver Jubilee stamp from 1977 with a face value of 10 pence and a rather young looking Queen. The other has a face value of ten and a half pence and bears the legend The Year of the Child and sports a rather fine picture of Mr Toad looking jolly. I have not binned this envelope. It remains in front of me sitting o­n my desk. Mr Toad and the Queen wonder where they are going next in their pilgrimage. So do I.

Mr Toad looks as though he is having more fun than her Majesty.

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