Dunblane Hilton

It would appear that there was a bad fire yesterday at the Dunblane Hilton, just up the road. I remember seeing fire engine racing through the village, so I guess it was going on up to Dunblane.

Amongst those evacuated were 30 Church of Scotland ministers. Therein lies the difference between the Church of Scotland and any other denomination I know – they go to better hotels for their conferences. We always seem to end up in Kinnoull monastery in Perth huddled around a small gas fire in a large room. The C of S go to Dunblane Hydro and the Crieff Hydro.

Note to atheists – never go to Crieff Hydro for a mini-break unless you want clerical company.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Dunblane Hilton
    they go to better hotels for their conferences

    but then maybe you go to the safer places?? no fires?

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