Angels in America

I don't usually blog about what I've seen o­n the television but this weekend's marathon from Channel 4 is worthy of comment. I remember missing the stage play of Angels in America both in London and Stockholm. What an extraordinary piece. What an extraordinary length – over 2 hours of epic trauma. It was like a cross between Tales of the City and the sixth chapter of the book of Isaiah that I was preaching o­n yesterday. There was a dose of Six Feet Under mixed in too. And Meryl Streep being a rabbi.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Angels in America
    I thought it was excellent too and worth every minute of viewing. But I watched about 6 hours, not 2. Or did you mean the play?

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Angels in America

    Six hours, I don’t know what I was typing. I think that the play was 6 hours or so as well.

    I’ve just learned that the corrupt right wing lawyer Roy Cohn was based on a real person. Roy Cohn really existed.

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