Supermarket Religion

It seems to me as though the supermarket over the road follows the liturgical year with more zeal than many Episcopalians. They do have a tendency to celebrate things a bit early and also to celebrate more than o­ne thing at o­nce. This post-modern trend might be where the church is heading, of course.

Last Saturday we were celebrating Valentines' Day (cards and flowers), Shrove Tuesday (batter mix and lemon juice), Good Friday (hot cross buns) and Easter Day (eggs of all varieties) all at o­nce.

In o­ne way it is a little sad, though in another all this effort is quite impressive.


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Supermarket Religion
    Not so far away the Hot Cross Buns arrived a few days before Christmas. I couldn’t help thinking this was a bit ‘chicken before egg’!

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