There was a strike in the University of Stirling today. This led me to question whether as a Chaplain I should cross the picket line or join it. In the end, it did not matter as the pickets had dispersed before I got there. The last time I faced this dilemma, the pickets did a deal with me to open the Chaplaincy (this was at QMW in London) so that they could use the toilets without compromising their attempt to stop people going into the main university building.

Talking of pickets, Pastor Jack Glass has died. I rather hope that St Peter had an appropriate line-up, carrying colourful banners, to give him a surprise welcome into heaven.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Pickets
    I'm sure that it is always worth crossing a picket line to have such a hive of creativity as there was o­n thursday afternoon, and after all none of it was really work!
    I think  I want to make something next. See you thursday, J

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Pickets
    Thanks for the comment J, fortunately, creating such a hive of creativity in the chaplaincy is definately work for me! Hope the knitting and the dissertation are going well.


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