Oh dear. I fell over in the street again. “Arrrgh” was the cry as my feet slipped on a thick layer of black ice in the middle of Stirling. It would appear that this came from window cleaners’ water. No bones broken, but a sore back. I was picked up by young people and traffic wardens as though I was an old lady.


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Arrrgh
    You are not safe to be let out by yourself.  You can't even blame it o­n a bus this time.  Slow down Kelvin, we all still need you, don't you know!   Guess you must be feeling pretty sore today.  Take it easy!  Get the cat to look after YOU for a change!!!

  2. Kelvin says

    Re: Arrrgh
    Perhaps you should go to the nurse again to have your blood pressure checked – just in case you’ve sprained your ankle again!!

  3. Kelvin says

    Re: Arrrgh
    I think its about time you invested in a pair of Doc Marten's.  I have found they are the o­nly footwear which allow me to get down a very steep hill o­n a frosty morning without flashing my underwear unwittingly to passing spectators. And you can get them in purple velvet for Lenten wear!

  4. Anonymous says

    Re: Arrrgh
    The funny thing is, that on both the occasions when I have fallen, I have been wearing Doc Martins. In fact, I was even starting to wonder whether it was the fault of the shoes.

    The purple velvet for Lent idea would appeal more if we wore purple at St Saviour’s for Lent. I suspect that trying to find Doc Martins made out of unbleached linen might be difficult.

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