In case anyone was wondering, the rather formal reviews which appear below are o­nes which I submitted to the Episcopalian for possible publication in the April edition.

Yesterday was spent being appraised, dealing with chimney sweeps, speaking to people o­n the telephone, visiting someone in hospital, planning Easter, church correspondance, inspecting a newly tuned piano, sorting music and making a hat.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Reviews
    what kind of hat?

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Reviews
    Well, I look as though I am about to go out to the Brethren meeting, or Gospel Hall, suitably attired against St Paul’s admonitions to keep the head covered.

    I suspect that this hat might end up being worn by another.

  3. Kelvin says

    Re: Reviews

    I do hope you didn't make it with sticky back plastic  –  go o­n, put a picture of it o­n the blog and give us a laugh.   Hey, it could be the cat in the hat!

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