Last Sunday's Sermon

Last Sunday's sermon has attracted a lot of comment in a surprising place – the bulletin board of the Ship of Fools website.

The prompt for the sermon was being faced with the statistics o­n women being abused in church contexts. The underlying question is what response Churches make to intollerable behaviour in the Bible. Is it made any more acceptable because it is scripture? Do the images we use in worship have any effect o­n the ways that people behave if we allow them to be used uncritically.

I was interested that most of the comment o­n Sunday came from the women in the congregation.

The discussion at the Ship of Fools can be found here:;f=3;t=002067;p=8 though it is not for the faint of heart.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Last Sunday’s Sermon
    my, you have opened a can of worms!  It didn't sound too much like a contraversial sermon at the time(maybe I wasn't thinking deeply enough!).  Given the diversity of viewpoints o­n this, I find it strange that there was no comment o­n the blog from those who heard you preach.

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