I've just discovered rss

I've installed an aggregator. What wonderful time saving software – I wonder why i never used o­ne before.

Well actually, I think I did try o­ne last year, but it did not work. An aggregator is used to monitor all the blogs and websites which o­ne might have an interest it, polling them every hour or every day or whatever to find whether anything new has been written. Thus, it is possible, when sitting down at the computer to read anything which might have cropped up which might be interesting without all the bother of looking at all the sites. Wonderful.

The o­ne I am using, in case anyone else wants to have a go is SharpReader

In case anyone is wondering how to use my various sites with an aggregator, try www.thurible.net/backend.php as the address. This gives partial compliance. I'll be upgrading to full compliance whenever I can get round to doing some more web-design – something that has been hard to fit in during the time since Christmas. Even using Postnuke, it does take a lot of time.


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: I’ve just discovered rss
    so does this aligator thingy come with extra hours in the day in order to read all the new stuff????!

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