Hearse Victory

An easy victory in the end. The nibs are being scaled down to make way for hearses. No chaining myself to a JCB after all. There will still be nibs, but the dropped kerb is being moved to reclaim two more parking places and the nibs considerably shortened. This will allow hearses to come close enough to the church door. It is just as well that I spotted what was going o­n in the road.

All this is to do with spending a cycling budget which the council has managed to secure. The idea is to link places like the university up with the railway station. I'm far from convinced that the routes that have been chosen actually do that, but they have money to burn. I'm told it is not coming from the Council Tax.


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Hearse Victory
    Surely where the money is coming from is irrelevant if it is being used wastefully!  Wasteful is wastful no matter what the source and, in this case, as a cyclist, I would say they have definitely got it wrong.  Is this a surprise to anyone?

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Hearse Victory
    Actually, for all my arm waving, I'm not opposed to the cycle route being done in Keir street. I've been campaigning about the junction at Keir Street/Melville Place for 2 years now and this project means that the junction will get the attention that it needs. Whether that is paid for from a cycling budget or from wherever, does not really matter.

    We are also getting a mini-roundabout at the junction of Keir Street and Henderson Street, which will calm the traffic coming into the village – something which people have said that they want.

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