First hour home

Here is what I have done in my first hour home from Argyll:

– picked up 40 items of mail.
– redirected 4 items of mail to the right address
– heard that my mail had been left in the church
– phoned the Royal mail to get them to give themselves a good shake
– opened the most difficult mail
– spoken to an electrician found in the church, about the lights (should have been fixed 4 weeks ago)
– spoken to an organ tuner found in the church, about the organ (should have been fixed 100 years ago)
– noticed the presence of cross-hatching o­n the road outside the church where no cross hatching should be
– vowed to deal with the council roads department bigtime
– took a call from someone in Bridge of Allan who wants cross-hatching outside her house (oh the irony)
– downloaded 43 e-mails
– dealt with the worst e-mails
– deleted the spam
– dealt with a witness statement I am planning o­n making at the Park of Keir Public Inquiry
– mended the computer mouse


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: First hour home

    Life's S*** – Business as usual then?

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