Politics and Religion

From my experience, politics can bring out the best in people, whilst religion often brings out the worst. o­ne of the reasons that I have kept up my involvement in a political party is that in my experience people are much nicer to o­ne another than in the church generally. I know that is shocking to people when I say that, but it happens to be true. I've spent quite a lot of time wondering why. 

Actually, it is o­nly shocking to people in the church. People who have nothing to do with church life seem unsurprised when I say such things.

It also amazes me how much influence relatively small numbers of people can have when they are of a common mind. By and large, groups of religious people are not of a common mind.

There is no concept of loyal opposition within churches and internally that is very damaging. Faux-unity, which is the apparent desire of the great majority of people in churches and denominations is far more dangerous than debate.

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