General Synod Papers Arrive

The pack of papers for the General Synod have arrived and I have spent a couple of hours reading them all through and trying to work out what the motions are all about. I had thought that we were going to get a light year at the synod, however there are already 54 substantive motions specified in the papers, so it looks as though it will be quite hard work. There are a lot of motions relating to church membership and admission to communion which may cause a lot of angst.

I guess that the synod will vote in favour of opening communion to the baptized, but I think this is quite wrong. We should be opening access to communion to the born.

You have to reach page 188 of 200 pages of dense text before reaching something that is surprising – a suggestion that we should move the General Synod Office staff and TISEC to a building in Dalry and sell off the building currently used for the General Synod Office.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: General Synod Papers Arrive

    Oooh! You were much more thorough than I was. I gave up at page three when I found there were no pictures. 

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