Scottish Churches House

I was at Scottish Churches House yesterday for a day conference for those who have been in their first ministry position for about five years. It was good to be with others from a variety of churches, though the two largest churches in Scotland were noticeably absent.

We were asked to talk about some of the highpoints and interesting things that the first five years has brought. I ended up talking about this blog, and some of the o­nline things that I've done.

Most people in the church still have not got the idea yet – the internet is not about information it is about people. It is strange to me that church folk do not see this naturally.

Then, last night up to Perth for the pre-General Synod meeting for the diocesan reps. I rarely speak at General Synod. To my considerable surprise, Bishop Michael appeared to be encouraging me to speak about TISEC (the Scottish Episcopal Church's training scheme) again in this year's debate.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Scottish Churches House
    But what is he encouraging you to say?

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