Links added

I've added a link o­n the left to Dylan's lectionary blog – well worth checking out. (And thanks for the post further down the page, Dylan).

I've also added o­ne to which is required reading.

Talking of church websites, the o­ne for the diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney is worth checking out. The news is out of date, but some of the pictures are good. There is o­ne particularly good o­ne of the Primus o­n his page.  There is o­ne broken link o­n every page – the o­ne labelled “youth” (Let us pray this is simply a mistake and not prophetic). There are some odd pictures o­n the vacancies page too. The link to the Provincial home page is broken. (Someone does not know their forward slashes from their backslashes).  However, it is still a cut above some sites.

I would never have guessed that the first Bishop of Orkney was called Ralph. That would make a good SEC Trivial Pursuits question.  Come to think of it, now that Scottish Episcopal Monopoly is available, Piscy Trivial Pursuits cannot be far behind.

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