Feast of St Prontaprint signI remember when I was going through a rather long selection procedure for the priesthood a question coming up about photocopiers. I had been asked about what priests do and had given some reply about the priest standing at the altar week by week and being an icon of God's love. Or something. The rather weary member of the clergy who was interviewing me said, “Yes, but what about standing at the photocopier week by week rather than standing at the altar – is that anything to do with priesthood and God's love.?”

At the time, I was rather surprised by the question, but I have found in ministry a deep devotion to St Prontaprint, and I now know what he was talking about.


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    Re: Vocation
    pretty much my experience of Christian Aid work too although I worshipped at the altar of St.Alldays5p/Copy!!

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