Church Times Adverts

Two adverts in the Church Times have caught my eye. Both from the Diocese of Moray, Ross and Caithness.

Firstly, this:

A rare opportunity for NSM/Retired Priest
House for Duty
Rectory adjacent to church set in idyllic location, o­nly
10 minutes from Inverness.
The views are some of the finest in Scotland.

Secondly this:

House for Duty in the Highlands
St Ninian's Church, Glenurquhart, Inverness-shire
Rural parish with lay ministry team
Lochside church with fishing rights
Well appointed house provided. 16 miles from Inverness.

Is this what I will end my days doing – working for nothing but views and fishing rights in the far north? I suppose that at least with the second o­ne there is some possibility of catching your own food. What next though – “House for Duty – fresh air included?”

The church pension scheme seems to be worth less every time you look at it. Clergy are almost compelled to live their working lives in unsuitable housing. The hours! The pay! And then some church thinks it is doing us a favour by inviting clergy to go and work for nothing more than fishing rights and a house, or a place with a view.


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Church Times Adverts
    Isn’t that what most of us are working for? A home with a view, whether it be in this life or the next. If I can get that, I’ll consider myself fortunate indeed! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Church Times Adverts
    No Annie, I don’t agree! I think that what Kelvin is getting at is tht these positions are exploiting elderly clergy who have little income and who have had no chance to buy a property because of church rules.

    A good view is no recompense in retirement if you havnt got a proper income and have to resort to this kind of job to make ends meet and keep a roof over your head.

    These “house for duty” positions are a way of getting ministry on the cheap. Clergy poverty in old age is likely to get even worse in coming years.

  3. Anonymous says

    Re: Church Times Adverts
    I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I know what Kelvin was getting at and it is wrong for the church to exploit anyone. I believe that there are lots of people who are doing God’s work who are not all employed by the church, but are none the less in jobs that are “ministering” to others and that these jobs are often ones which give little monetary compensation. However simplistic it might sound, I happen to believe that God does provide for his children, even down to food, clothing, and shelter. Too often we don’t believe that what He provides is good enough when in reality it is always the best – meaning it is always the best for us, just what we need to become closer to Him. I don’t say any of this lightly. It’s something I’ve learned from experience and something I’m continuing to learn. I’m not sure I’m expressing my thoughts very coherently. George MacDonald says it much better in his book “What’s Mine’s Mine”. I didn’t mean to offend, criticize, chatise or preach. I only wanted to encourage. Kelvin appears to have a God given passion for activism and fighting for others. I admire that! I only wanted to encourage him with a reminder that God doesn’t forget us or our needs and wants. He uses them to draw us nearer to him. Also, when people and their institutions, religious and political, let us down – He never will.

  4. Anonymous says

    Re: Church Times Adverts
    Peace be with you!

    Simon – stop shouting at people.

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