“No, I’m not voting on Thursday – there is no point. It makes not difference anyway. I cannot think of any reason to vote at all.”

Is the threat of far-right parties taking seats not reason enough for anyone?


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Voting

    I am NOT voting o­n Thursday either. But that's probably because I'm an American and there's no election here o­n Thursday. But I have a feeling that if I were a British subject, I would be a libdem. We're over here o­n the prairie making a spectacle of ourselves because former president Reagan has left the building. The poor man was 93 years old and died of Alzheimer's disease. I actually heard a newsperson refer to his death as  ” A Tragedy.”That was very bizarre. I am so glad to find this Blog. I was referred by the Passways who are friends of your family. We are frequent visitors to Scotland. We (Brad and I) are good ol' ECUSA here in Oklahoma. I am signing off to watch THE FUNERAL events o­n TV as the proceedings are being shown o­n every network. If it's true as some Americans believe that President Reagan was God's gift to the USA, I expect he'll be putting in a reappearance o­n the 3rd day and I don't want to miss it.

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Voting
    Thanks for your comment – glad you like the blog.

    I’m not shedding too many tears for your former president.

    I heard a report that there was support in the US for Reagan’s image to appear on banknotes. Whilst this is a pretty ghastly suggestion, in a way, it is hard to think of a more apt memorial.

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