To me, the net is all about people. Community breaks out where people have meeting places and all of a sudden, we have the power for people to meet in so many new ways. There are far too many places online where we are offered information only as though we are supposed to think of this new resource as the new equivalent of the Alexandria Library – holding every piece of information in the world.

I had a tremendous committee meeting recently. No really, I did. A committee that I convene decided to meet online in real time using MSN messenger. Oh yes, I know you need certain skills and hardware and everything in order to do this. You need particular skills and opportunities to meet around a table though too. Travel is much more expensive than the use of computer hardware for an hour. Anyway, I was able to keep the minutes on a webpage in almost real time and then we were able to agree them before the end of the meeting. I’m still learning how to do this better, of course, but what potential. What power.

The point of all this, is people. Always.

I’m occasionally asked why I bother writing this. The blog is about 10 months old now. The range of people who read it is a constant source of fascination. [Greetings to all readers in the General Synod Office, by the way – great synod last week].

Don’t most people crave community?




  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Internet?
    Oh, for goodnedss sake, stop playing to the gallery.

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