Voting Systems

So, there will be Single Transferable Voting in the next elections for councillors in Scotland – the bill finally passed through the parliament yesterday.

[Note the use of the definite article in the last part of that sentence – it contains within, the entire ambiguity of the constitutional settlement].

Liberal Democrats have achieved one of the primary things we wanted out of the coalition deal. I wonder what the passing of the bill will do to individual MSPs.

I’m delighted, of course, that there will be STV for the next local elections. Here in Stirling, it means that there are much more likely to be more than two views represented on the local council. The Liberal Democrats and the SNP are both more likely to get members elected. Labour are quite likely to lose control and there could well be some kind of coalition running Stirling in three years’ time.

There is just a tiny pang of regret that I won’t ever have any chance to win Bridge of Allan as a first-past-the-post ward. I would have rather enjoyed doing so.

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