PhD Topic

If anyone is looking for a PhD topic, I suggest that they consider the following one: The Use of Public Prayer in the University of Stirling.

It seems that once again the tide is flowing against public prayer at graduations. It should not be assumed that all chaplains are in favour of graduation prayers. Some of us, indeed, might be dedicated secularists.

It is my view, however, that if public prayer is not to be allowed at graduation ceremonies in Stirling, it is strange that the University still feels able to have graduation ceremonies in St Andrew’s Cathedral, Inverness.

One of the arguments against public prayer is that it excludes Muslims, Jews and Hindus. This seems to me to be odd as it seemed to me that they were always the ones who appreciated it most. This was particularly noticeable amongst those travelling from overseas.

One particular sadness is that I now no longer have the opportunity to process next to our glam Chancellor and can no longer introduce myself as Diana Rigg’s warm-up man.

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