Blog Review

Seeing how today is the day that the blog reaches 20000 hits, here is a review of the best bits.

First post – o­n getting a wet elbow when baptising babies

Inclusive Church – most commented o­n post

Tory Nuns? – Religion and Politics

Never trust a two-eyed fundamentalist – Someone else's sermon

Walking the labyrinth – in the University

Carols for Choirs – Most notorious blog post locally – a polemic against King's College, Cambridge

Gratuitous Cat Picture – every blog should have o­ne

The Weather Experience – best picture o­n the blog

Plumber Blues – Best Song

Pancake Receipt – Best culinary moment

Remember… – Best liturgical moment (Ash Wednesday)

Best Sermon – Preaching to shake prisons by

Most notorious sermon – Much discussed o­n the Ship of Fools bulletin board

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